The Heaven



Ischia and Procida are much more than just islands. In addition to the crystalline sea, the stupendous beaches and colorful villages which constitute the main tourist resource of the area, there are really many things to see. Suffice it to say that the islands were the first colonies of Magna Graecia.

Aragonese Castle – Ischia
Its ancient walls hide a citadel made up of sunny vegetable gardens, churches, frescoed catacombs, arches and vaults, walls from every era and Bourbon prisons.

Lacco Ameno – Ischia
A walk to admire the Mushroom, the rock with a particular shape, to arrive at the Montano bay and the Monache beach, one of the most beautiful on Ischia.

Sant’ Angelo – Ischia
An ancient fishing village with characteristic colored houses perched on the tufa ridge and overlooking the wonderful panorama of the crystalline sea of ​​Ischia.

Green Grotto – Ischia
Natural cavity dug into the rock, reachable only by sea. In this cave the sunlight combined with the reflection of the water colors the skin of an intense green.

Marina Corricella – Procida
The oldest seaside village of Procida with its characteristic narrow streets. Arranged like an amphitheater on the sea and surrounded by fishermen’s nets, it is a dive into the past.

Island of Vivara – Procida
Fascinating naturalistic oasis connected to Procida by an old bridge. Small, wild and uncontaminated Vivara is home to important archaeological finds.